Saturday, August 28, 2010

Waterless Toilets

It is estimated that an individual uses about 20 000 litres of water for flushing each year. Whenever you flush the toilet, the waste is sent to the municipal water works where the water is treated. Cleaning the water is not always an easy task and sewage leakages in many parts of the country become a problem. I found out about the alternative.

Starting a Vegetable Garden

Climate change, global warming and sustainability are the latest buzz words in this green age. Many things can be done to combat carbon footprint and gardening is one of them. The idea of starting your own vegetable garden in your back yard may seem daunting for those who do not have “green fingers.” I decided to find out how to start a garden.

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Wall to Wall Magazine Show

This is a show put together by a group of second year journalism students at that I was tutoring. Over two terms this group of five students embarked on the process of pitching stories, conducting interviews and writing scripts. As the executive producer I was there guiding them through the process and helping them put together this prerecorded show aired on Rhodes Music Radio.

No Camping Allowed

For many years of the Arts Festival, traders have camped outside their stalls on High Street. This has never officially been allowed. This year, festival organisers along with the Grahamstown police and the traffic department have begun to enforce this regulation. I spoke to those involved.

Judith Sephuma Interview

Judith Spehuma performed in Grahamstown over the national Arts Festival to a full house on two nights. She graduted from the University of Cape Town with an honours degree in Jazz performance and has two albums to date. This Jazz singer has received a number of awards, many for best female artist. She has performed  internationally in countries such as the Netherlands and Mexico. She is currently working on a new album and performing at other Jazz festivals in the country. I had a chat with her.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Karen Zoid Interview

Karen Zoid has performed twice at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival. She’s an Afrikaans rock chic who’s fame stretches as far as England and Dubai. She has four albums to date and is currently working on new songs . I had the opportunity to chat with her at a local restaurant during the festival.

Interview with Sharleen Surtie-Richards

This is an in-studio live interview with Shaleen Surtie- Richards on Radio Grahamstown during the Arts Festival. I was co-presenting a Fest Focus show that was focused on content during the National Arts festval. Surtie-Richards was in performing in a one woman stage production Shirley Valentyn. Sharleen has been on stage for a number of years but she’s also well known for her role as Aunty Mattie on Generations.

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