Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The New Toy Library

Education is an important aspect of our society. In Grahamstown many parents live under the bread line and cannot aford to send their children to preschools. They now have the opportunity to play with their children using educational toys. The Toy library in extension six is now the place where parents can borrow these resources. Refilwe Mpshe reports.

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Picture taken by Katherine Steward
Reflecting on the Toy Library

Pitching the story on the Toy Library in Extension 6 was very important for me. This story I felt touched a social aspect of the community which is what I believe journalism should endeavour to do. The fact that this Toy Library was opening to allow parents in the community to take part in their children's education was what I felt to be an empowering step. My aim was to go to the library in its first week of running and find out more about it.

Myra Bailey Profiled

Grahamstown is a small town laidend with poverty. Dorcus support group is an initiative started by Myra Bailey that aims to provide underprivilaged mothers with the a basic kit for their new born babies. Bailey works from  a room at the back of her farm which she calls Dorcus Chapel. This is her story.